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“The way the team related to the students was excellent and I appreciate the fact that they addressed very real issues that young people face"

"Thanx so much guys it's just I know what its like to have depression and anxiety

bc I got it when my dad passed away and I was getting bullied at the same time"

"...those few songs really feel relatable...and helped me stop hating myself cos I always thought I was an embarrassment and thank you for sharing your stories

with my school and stuff it really did help"


+ IRON&CLAY present a powerful and impacting 30 to 60 minute concert style performance. (time frame adjustable to your school).

+ Our performance is interactive, fun, with dancing, music and song, as well as  personal band member sharing. Designed by young people, for young people to inspire, impact and influence youth in Mental Health, Bullying, Substance Abuse, Family breakdown, Gender Equality, Love and Friendship.

+ For best results and successful time-slot impact, we prefer to perform during Assembly hour or Chapel service...though ultimately we can and will perform in 'their time' (lunch time, sport time, etc). But as a last and only resort.  We find student 'attention and absorbing span' is at it's best during 'school time'.


+ IRON&CLAY follow youth culture and trend very closely.  Even from one school to another.  (City Schools, Country Schools, Seniors, Juniors, up-beat schools, down-beat schools) and apply our approach and stage performance accordingly.

+ IRON&CLAY hold and customise Workshops as well.  They are personal, interactive and very effective. Our Workshops are particularly useful for music and arts students who may be interested in engaging with band members in small group, one-on-one settings. Here we address and educate kids on various 'band topics' such as touring, travelling and living on the road as well as recording and music production. 

We do, however, tailor and conduct Worshop sessions on Mental Wellness, Girl Talk, Boy talk, where we discuss, share and do Q&A's to encourage, establish and build self esteem and self worth accordingly. 


+ We arrive at your school in our Tour Bus and Trailer. Set up our own sound equipment, warm up and sound check 90 minutes prior to scheduled performing time. Kindly provide (if and where possible) a couple of strong boys to help the team with setup. As well have your local Media, Light & Sound Techies assist with these areas as well. This would be more than appreciated.


+ IRON&CLAY are youth relevant.  We hand-pick music and  songs written and produced for young people.

+ Band members are trained and mentally geared to be strong and positive role models to their listeners. In teenage audiences.

+ We aim to be non-threatening and 'Faith' sensitive, seeking not to offend any particular set of beliefs, but rather to inspire and influence young people to live their lives wisely and more abundantly, no matter what their background. 

+The kids are absolutly going to LOVE IT!!


Mental Wellness


Substance Abuse


Self Worth/Esteem/Image 

Living a Life of Purpose


Our presentation is adaptable and indeed suitable for Primary, Secondary and College age groups.

The whole school is our prefered 'target audience' but will split performances down to year levels if necessary. We share our own experiences as young people, to promote healthy behaviors and empower a happy and positive attitude towards life.

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