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GRADE 7 - 8

A week like no other, a week without distractions, a week with the squad of IRON+CLAY making memories and dedicating time to activate and mentor the potential within you, making new mates and having the greatest time of your life! 


Creating memories that will last a lifetime… a week that will absolutely CHANGE YOUR LIFE… that’s right ACTIVEIGHT DISCOVERY BOOTCAMP!

Thousands will tell you what a great experience having IRON+CLAY at their school was, imagine spending a whole WEEK with them!


At ACTIVEIGHT young people will have the opportunity to really DISCOVER their talents, passion and ability to step up and be confident in themselves and will improve their ability to function in a school and social environment.  

From our several workshops ran by the IRON+CLAY team they will discover and learn values about identity, friendships, life choices, positive relationships, learning to get back up from setbacks and so much more!

We do whatever we can to encourage and empower young people to make right decisions in life that will help cause them to live out their purpose and calling. All in all having copious amounts of fun and laughter involving activities, team challenges, creative tasks and some incredible memories yet to be made!

A one week drug & alcohol free camp ran by IRON+CLAY and team on site.

Grades 7 to 8 in 2018
(Mount Vincent, NSW)
Monday the 9th of July to Thursday 12th of July 2018


EARLY BIRD (until May 1st) $399
REGULAR (May 2nd - July 9th) $449


Option 1: We ask that the parent or guardian of the student/s could be dropped off at site by 3pm on Monday the 9th of July.
Option 2: Book a departure/return plane ticket to Port Stephens (Newcastle) for Monday the 9th of July to Thursday 12th of July. Student/s will be picked up from airport in a bus.


Registration Includes: All activities, accommodation, cost per person on site & food for the week.



- Enough clothes for 4 days
- Note pad
- Pillow (optional)
- Toiletries 
- Spending money (optional)
We recommend that you do not bring valuables to camp. Any valuables brought will be the responsibility of the student who brings them.


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner is provided within this cost, along with a light morning tea & supper each day. Students are welcome to bring snacks with them.


This is a Drug & Alcohol Free program.

We have ensured volunteer venue control around the campus throughout the duration of the bootcamp.


If your teenager is found to have broken one of our camp rules outlined at the commencement of Activeight, our Youth staff & team may require you to come & collect your teenager from the campus.

All of our leaders & workers are required to have an Australian approved WWC clearance check. All individuals over 18 that are involved in Activeight work with children professionally outside this event and have been approved.


0404 079 867
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