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In the 24 years of our ministry of IRON + CLAY we have performed at thousands of different schools all around Australia, but as well as visiting schools we also love to visit churches! We aim to bless each church with a service of worship, interaction, and entertainment; and each congregation will get a glimpse of our school ministry, where young lives are being touched, and souls being saved!


In our church services:

+We provide a conservative/contemporary program, adapting to the needs of your church

+We are very family orientated, suited to all ages

+We strive to inspire each congregation with song and testimony

+We take the opportunity to share our school ministry

What churches has to say about us 


 We aim to impact every youth group with a radical program of powerful messages through testimony and song! We share our own experiences as young people, to promote healthy behaviors and empower a positive attitude to life.


We confront issues such as:

+ Bullying, 

+ Drug and Alcahol abuse, etc.

+ Road Safety / Wise Decision Making

+ Self-Image / Self-Esteem / Self-Harm

+ Boyfriend / Girlfriend Relationships

+ Living a Life of Purpose


Do you want to make a difference in your community? Make an impact in your local schools? Want to give young people the opportunity to get to know good morals? Sponsor IRON + CLAY into your schools.

If you want to support our the IRON + CLAY ministry in other cities and towns around Australia, you can support us by giving a personal sponsorship through CRUMBS! 


Since: 1992

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